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Shakedown 3 3CD Album

CD £7.99

Release Date: 04/08/2014

Discs: 3

Freemasons present Shakedown 3, a triple CD package which features two full length DJ mixes and an 18 track artist album.  As with the first two Shakedown mix albums all tracks are produced or remixed by Freemasons and include their chart topping remixes of London Grammar, John Newman, Whitney Houston and Hurts as well as new versions of their own hits 'Uninvited', 'Heartbreak', 'Rain Down Love' and 'Believer'.  

Freemasons Shakedown 3 CD1 - Poolside
1.Pegasus ft Bailey Tzuke - The Fall
2.Pegasus ft Emma Rohan - In The Blue
3.Pegasus ft Levana Wolf - Gorecki (Freemasons 3am Mix)
4.Freemasons f‚€‚“ La Serenissima (Theme From Venice In Peril)
5.Freemasons ft Randy Chapsaw - Walk The Mile
6.Pegasus - Into My Arms
7.Freemasons f‚€‚“ Intoxicated
8. London Grammar f‚€‚“ Nightcall (Freemasons Pegasus Club mix)
9.Freemasons ft Hanna - True Love Survivor
10.Freemasons ft Joel Edwards f‚€‚“ U Drive Me Crazy
11.Freemasons ft Siedah Garrett - Rain Down Love 2014
12.Freemasons ft Emma Rohan - Sea Of Fire
13.Pegasus ft Judie Tzuke - Paradise
14.Pegasus ft Katherine Ellis - Cold Light Of Day

Freemasons Shakedown 3 CD2 - Night
1.Freemasons ft Andrea Martin - Nothing to Lose
2.Freemasons ft Joel Edwards f‚€‚“ U Drive Me Crazy (Version Francais)
3.Freemasons ft Wynter Gordon f‚€‚“ Believer 2014
4 Hurts f‚€‚“ Wonderful Life (Freemasons Extended mix)
5,Whitney Houston f‚€‚“ Million Dollar Bill (Freemasons Club Mix)
6.John Newman f‚€‚“ Cheating (Freemasons Club Mix)
7.Freemasons - The Bottle
8 Freemasons - Discopolis
9.Freemasons ft Joel Edwards - Dirty Organ
10.Freemasons ft Katherine Ellis - Tears
11.Freemasons - Bring It Back
12.Freemasons ft Amanda Wilson - Let it B Me
13.Freemasons - Real Life
14. Freemasons ft Bailey Tzuke - Uninvited
Freemasons Shakedown 3 CD 3 Unmixed
1. Freemasons ft HANA f‚€‚“ True Love Survivor
2. Freemasons ft Andrea Martin f‚€‚“ Nothing To Lose
3. Pegasus ft Emma Rohan f‚€‚“ In The Blue
4. Freemasons ft Wynter Gordon - Believer 2014
5. Freemasons f‚€‚“ Bring It Back
6. Pegasus ft Judie Tzuke f‚€‚“ I Feel Paradise
7. Freemasons ft Randy Chapsaw f‚€‚“ Walk The Mile
8. Pegasus ft Katherine Ellis f‚€‚“ Cold Light Of Day
9. Freemasons f‚€‚“ The Bottle
10. Freemasons ft Amanda Wilson f‚€‚“ Let It B Me
11. Freemasons ft Joel Edwards f‚€‚“ U Drive Me Crazy
12. Freemasons ft Katherine Ellis f‚€‚“ Tears
13. Pegasus ft Bailey Tzuke f‚€‚“ The Fall
14. Freemasons - Intoxicated
15. Freemasons ft Emma Rohan f‚€‚“ Sea Of Fire
16. Freemasons f‚€‚“ Real Life
17. Pegasus ft Levana Wolf f‚€‚“ Gorecki
18. Freemasons Vs Rubylux f‚€‚“ World Goes Quiet